The gemstone metropolis

Idar-Oberstein is known throughout the world as a leading centre of the gemstone and jewellery industry. Over 500 years of tradition in gemstone processing is closely linked with the history of the town – visitors encounter it everywhere: in Idar-Oberstein Medieval charm meets witnesses to industrial history; mining encounters delicate craftsmanship. Cutters, jewellery studios, workshops, retailers and internationally-acclaimed institutions within the trade are all located here. The same is also true of the trade association Bundesverband der Edelstein- und Diamantindustrie e.V.

In contrast to other economic centres, the cutting operations in and around Idar-Oberstein have survived numerous episodes of war and devastation. Idar-Oberstein citizens were involved in the discovery of nearly all new discoveries of resources in this and the last century. They created the prerequisites for the present-day town becoming the sole gemstone centre in the world in which all known gemstones are cut and traded.


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