Submissions & conditions

International competition

53rd German Award for Jewellery and Precious Stones Idar-Oberstein 2023

Theme of this year’s competition is: ”Mesmerizing Creatures Of The Sea”

Both, the gemstone design and the design of a jewellery piece made of precious metal and precious stones are allowed. Thus, unmounted gemstones, the gemstone in the jewellery (here, only precious metals may be used), the gemstone object and the gemstone sculpture are allowed. The use of synthetic stones is not admitted. Pearls are only allowed in combination with gemstones.


The competition is open to all jewellery and gemstone designers as well as gold- and silversmiths both domestic and from abroad. 

Only finished items - no drawings - may be submitted. Each entrant may submit a maximum of four entries; however, no entrant may be awarded more than two prizes.


Three prizes of a total amount of 8,000 Euro will be awarded: 

1st prize of       4,000 Euro
2nd prize of       2,500 Euro
3rd prize of       1,500 Euro

The jury will judge the submitted items particularly by the idea, realisation of the theme, design and quality of craftsmanship. 

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Terms and conditions 

The following additional conditions apply to both competitions: 


By submitting one or more entries the participant unconditionally accepts the rules of the competition. 

All participants, who will not collect their entries personally after the contest and would like to have them sent back are obliged to pay the following fees for transport and insurance: 

Entries from Germany 30 Euro
Entries from Europe: 75 Euro
Entries from Overseas: 120 Euro 

The fee must be received by February 28, 2024 and is payable to the Federal Association of the Precious Stones and Diamond Industry.

Bank transfer instructions: 

Bundesverband der Edelstein- und Diamantindustrie e. V., (beneficiary)
Bank: Kreissparkasse Birkenfeld, Idar-Oberstein
IBAN: DE75 5625 0030 0000 3123 55, SWIFT-BIC: BILADE55XXX 

A six-digit reference number (which the sender himself determines) has to identify each entry.

Furthermore the following information must be provided in an envelope bearing no marking other than the six-digit reference number: 

a) Name, complete address, telephone number, email-address and date of birth of the entrant; 

b) a brief description of the entry and of the materials used with information on special production features (also the names of the used gemstones), written on a sheet of paper without name and address; 

c) a declaration of the insurance value; 

d) a declaration that the entry was designed and manufactured by the participant himself (or in case it was produced by another person the name of that person). The use of existing designs and samples from third parties that exceed mere inspiration is possible but must be indicated including the source.

e) a declaration that the item submitted is an original, which has not been previously offered for sale or entered in other competitions; 

f) where appropriate, a declaration that the item is participating in the Young Talent Competition. 

A form, which you have to complete with the requested information, can be found here: >> Form 

Organiser’s Notes: 

Misrepresentations may prevent the organiser from accepting an entry / entries to the competition or - if the misrepresentation only becomes known at a later stage - may make the organiser revoke a prize which has already been awarded and try to recover the prize money. In such cases, the organiser may exclude an entrant from future competitions. 

The organiser undertakes to treat and store the entries submitted with due care.

The organiser is not liable for damages which are detected upon receipt of the entry by the organiser. Moreover, the organiser is not liable for damages which occur later/are realised later but which are inherent damages due to the fact that 

- the production of the entry
- the combination of the materials used
- the packaging of the entry 

was not done in a proper and professional way by the sender/entrant. 

In addition to that, there is no liability in case of changes of the entry due to its material(s), especially due to oxidation, discolouration or shrinkage/contraction with or without crack formation (e.g. if wood, silicone or other materials were used as auxiliary materials which are not the main focus of the entry) or due to the normal influence of light or temperature (e.g. heat in illuminated show cases).

The sender bears the risk should the entry be damaged in shipping.

Important information for entries from non-EU countries: Please send your item only by Air Mail and add to the address:

“Zollamtliche Abfertigung nur über die Zollstelle Idar-Oberstein”.
(Clearance only at Idar-Oberstein customs office.) 

Please note there are customs regulations concerning the import of certain materials such as ivory, irradiated gemstones etc. and that customs clearance may be refused by not observing these.

Entries which do not comply with these formal requirements or with the rules of the competitions will not be considered. 

Closing date for entries 

Entries must be received by the Bundesverband der Edelstein- und Diamantindustrie e. V., Hauptstraße 161, D-55743 Idar-Oberstein, Germany, not later than Monday, September 18, 2023.

All entries remain the property of the entrant. The organizing association will provide insurance except for the return transport.


The jury will meet on September 28, 2023 in Idar-Oberstein. The decision of the jury will be final. Any legal action against the decision of the jury is excluded.

Award of prizes 

The prizes will be awarded at a ceremony on Friday, November 24, 2023. During the ceremony the winning entries will be presented to the public as well as to the general and trade press for the first time. 

Winners are not allowed to publish their results or refer to a prize in their advertising before November 24, 2023. All entries submitted for the competition must be made available for exhibition purposes until February 28, 2024. The items will be returned after the exhibitions have ended. 

Important note: The organizer is currently assuming that the competitions can take place, but expressly reserves the right to make changes to the organization and implementation of the competitions due to the Corona Situation.

Bundesverband der Edelstein- und Diamantindustrie e. V.
(Federal Association of the Precious Stones and Diamond Industry) 

Paul-Otto Caesar / Chairman
Jörg Lindemann / Managing Director


In the image gallery you can find a few impressions of the 2019 Jewellery and Gemstone Prize. All of the winning pieces from the past years can be found in the archive.